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Another book about exercise and weight-loss? Gag me! So, with the plethora of books that are available, why on earth would I write one? Because, no other book offers what mine does!

Every day we are bombarded with endless options on how to lose weight. Pitches include mail-order meals, diets, workout programs, exercise equipment, pills, teas, and supplements. And still, with all the options and the constant bombardment, more than half of us, women are still overweight! Why?

What I have found is although many of the options inform us about various diets and exercise programs, they don’t explain in detail HOW to successfully lose weight and keep it off! And, keeping it off is truly the hard part! Exercising and controlling your food intake for a couple of months is one thing but doing it consistently for years is a different matter. Furthermore, few of the options, if any, address the psychological issues that are so important to achieving and maintaining a successful weight loss.

In Walking is for Wimps, I specifically address the difficulties and challenges women have losing weight and keeping it off. I provide a step by step guide that addresses all facets involved in losing weight caloric management, exercise advice, and the psychological issues that are essential to achieving and maintaining a good body weight.

I show women exactly HOW to lose weight and keep it off permanently using the skills, mental tools, techniques, and tips that I developed and used myself.

  • I teach women how to change their thinking and approach to exercise and food.
  • I explain in detail how to manage caloric intake by practicing different types of Eating Days.
  • I offer steps that teach women how to ‘retrain their taste buds,’ so they learn to enjoy more healthy foods.
  • I provide mental techniques to develop food will power and tips on how to eat in moderation.
  • Since many people view exercise is a chore, I provide specific ideas about how to get motivated to work out and find the “fun” in exercising.
  • I include my own effective cardiovascular workout formats, where I explain that walking at a slow to moderate pace (wimpy walking) will not produce the desired weight loss results. To achieve real and lasting results, one must include ‘moments of intensity’ in their workouts.
  • I include mental tools that I use myself to help women work out when they really don’t feel up to it, which is a key to achieving consistency in a workout routine.

One of the most important components of Walking Is for Wimps addresses the psychological issues that we, women experience. We are much more emotional about the ups and downs of our weight and much more critical of our bodies than most men are of theirs. How we deal with these emotions can help us achieve our weight loss goal or sabotage it completely!

I also share my own experiences and beliefs about diet and exercise. An important belief of mine is that to enjoy life you must enjoy great tasting food. There is nothing I enjoy more than rich, high caloric food with a glass or two of wine! But, I have learned to incorporate ‘trade-offs’ in my food consumption.

Let me introduce myself. I am not an athlete, professional trainer, nor a celebrity spokesperson for any product. And, I am certainly not one of those exercise nuts who lives at the gym seven days a week or eats super healthy. I am an average person just like most of you. I hold a master’s degree in exercise physiology and was part of the fitness industry for over 25 years, teaching exercise classes and giving lectures.

Over the years, I have practiced my own personalized “keep in shape” plan that has allowed me to maintain a body weight with which I have been very happy since my mid-20s. I am now in my late 50s, and I have only increased one dress size in the past 30 years. And, I gave birth to twins!

My purpose in writing this book is to genuinely inspire you to become more fit and healthy and to help you realize how incredibly important cardiovascular exercise is. I hope you use my book as a ‘roadmap’ to achieve and maintain your very own “Happy Weight” – the weight at which you will feel more content, self-confident, and healthy.

So, let’s start our exercise adventure together. I promise it won’t be boring!

With sincere sweat,

Cecilia Halseth

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Exercising and controlling your food intake for a couple of weeks is one thing, but doing it consistently for years is another matter. Let me inspire and guide you to find your own ‘Happy Weight’ and maintain it for years to come!

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