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Another book about exercise and weight-loss? Gag me! So, with the many books that are available, why on earth would I write one? Because, no other book offers what mine does!

For starters, I am not an athlete, professional trainer, or a celebrity spokesperson for any product. And, I am certainly not one of those exercise nuts who lives at the gym seven days a week or who eats super healthy. Although I hold a master’s degree in exercise physiology, I am an average person just like most of you.

Every day we are bombarded with endless options on how to lose weight. Pitches include mail-order meals, diets, workout programs, exercise equipment, pills, teas, and supplements. And still, with all the options and the constant bombardment, more than half of us, women, are overweight. Why?

What I have found is that although many of the options inform us about various diets and exercise programs, they don’t explain in detail HOW to successfully lose weight and keep it off! Furthermore, few of them, if any, address the psychological (mental & emotional) aspects that are essential to achieve and maintain a successful weight loss.  

So, what, exactly, does my book provide? I provide you with a detailed guide that shows you exactly HOW to successfully lose weight and keep it off permanently using the skills, mental tools, and techniques that I developed and used myself.


  • Motivate yourself to start exercising.
  • Analyze your body shape and find your own “Happy Weight.”
  • Use vital mental and emotional tools to help you lose weight.
  • Manage caloric intake and compensate when you overindulge.
  • Substitute low calorie food exchanges for high calorie foods.
  • Control bad food temptations.
  • Achieve consistency with your workouts.
  • Exercise effectively and efficiently to burn the greatest number of calories in the least amount of time.
  • Understand the vital importance of consistent exercise.
  • Begin a “New Lifestyle Approach” towards food and exercise.
  • And more!

One of the most valuable things I share are my own experiences and beliefs about diet and exercise. An important belief of mine is that to enjoy life you must enjoy great tasting food.  There is nothing I enjoy more than rich, high caloric food with a glass or two of wine! But, I have learned to incorporate ‘trade-offs’ in my food consumption. I believe that living on a constant “diet” is not living!

Over the years, I have practiced my own personalized “keep in shape” plan that has allowed me to maintain a body weight that I have been very happy with since my mid-20s. I am now in my late 50s, and I have only increased one dress size in the past 30 years. And, I gave birth to twins!

My purpose in writing this book is to genuinely inspire you to become more fit and healthy and to help you realize how incredibly important exercise is. I hope you use my book as a ‘roadmap’ to achieve and maintain your very own “Happy Weight” – a weight at which you feel healthy, confident, and content.

So, let’s start our exercise adventure together. I promise you it won’t be boring!

With sincere sweat,

Cecilia Halseth

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Exercising and controlling your food intake for a couple of weeks is one thing, but doing it consistently for years is another matter. Let me inspire and guide you to find your own ‘Happy Weight’ and maintain it for years to come!

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