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I have spent a lifetime keeping in shape. I have not done so by listening to what exercise gurus recommended or what diet was in vogue, or by doing extreme workouts and eating super healthy. I have done so by practicing my very own personalized ‘keep in shape’ plan, which is based on my three core beliefs. These ‘core beliefs’ are the heart of my book and lectures.


  • Don’t strive for a perfect body, just a decent, healthy weight with which you will be happy.
  • Eat what you want but in moderation and learn to compensate when you over-indulge.
  • Exercise 2 to 3 times a week and always add moments of intensity.

My core beliefs are far from groundbreaking. Practically everyone knows that if they exercise consistently and eat healthier they will be able to achieve and maintain a decent body weight. Why, then, do so many of us still struggle to maintain a good weight? Because exercising regularly and eating healthier are easier said than done!

My desire is to help prevent overweightness in women, especially the younger generation. I want to inspire them to become more fit and healthy, and to help them realize how incredibly important exercise is.

I believe women are the pillars of their families. If they truly understand how exercise benefits them in all aspects of their lives (mentally, emotionally, and physically), they will pass that belief to their children. This is how we will become a nation of healthier people.

Most of us will live long lives. Thus, staying relatively fit and healthy will be more important than ever. Our health and quality of life go hand in hand. The earlier we start exercising and making better food choices, the greater our chance of success and the more likely that it will become part of our lifestyle.

However, even people in their 40s and 50s can benefit significantly by starting a consistent exercise program. And, although I specifically address women’s problems and challenges, what I say applies to men as well.

Although we all know that we should exercise and eat in moderation to maintain a decent weight, many of us don’t do anything about it. My lectures are meant to educate and motivate people to take action!

Your students/attendees WILL LEARN HOW TO:

  • Motivate themselves to start exercising.
  • Analyze their body shape and find their own “Happy Weight.”
  • Use vital mental and emotional tools to help them lose weight.
  • Manage caloric intake and compensate when they overindulge.
  • Substitute low calorie food exchanges for high calorie foods.
  • Control bad food temptations.
  • Achieve consistency with their workouts.
  • Exercise effectively and efficiently to burn the greatest number of calories in the least amount of time.
  • Understand the vital importance of consistent exercise.
  • Begin a “New Lifestyle Approach” towards food and exercise.
  • And more!

I have spent over three decades developing my own philosophy and approach on how to stay in shape. My goal is to pass along the knowledge, skills, and tools that have worked so well for me all these years to help as many people as I can.

I look forward to the opportunity to inspire your students/attendees to become more fit and healthy! I promise we’ll have fun!


In my book, “Walking Is for Wimps,” I explain how I changed my life and how I can help you change yours. I share the knowledge I have gained over the past 30 years on how to stay in shape, while still enjoying the pleasure of eating.

So, please watch my Welcoming Video. And, let’s start our journey together, either through my book or at one of my lectures. Either way, I promise it won’t be boring!

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Exercising and controlling your food intake for a couple of weeks is one thing, but doing it consistently for years is another matter. Let me inspire and guide your students/attendees to find their Happy Weight and maintain it for years to come.

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